What is Ladder?

Ladder is the smart, modern way to insure your life.

Why Ladder?

We offer pure, term life insurance with no fees. Ladder is for people who value a streamlined process that keeps you in control. Once you’re ready, you can apply online. An instant decision is just minutes away.
We offer a fresh approach without the hassle of meeting with an agent, sitting through unwanted sales pitches, or waiting weeks for coverage.
Ladder has redesigned the life insurance process to better serve the people who need life insurance, not the middlemen who sell it.

Why do I need life insurance?

Life insurance helps your family financially in the unlikely event something happens to you. It is an affordable way to offset the loss of income associated with the idiosyncratic risk of you dying. Certain life events often trigger the need for insurance—like having a child, getting married, or taking out a mortgage.

This is a big decision. What if I need to talk with someone? Is that possible with Ladder’s online process?

Absolutely. If you want assistance along the way, reach out to our knowledgeable, licensed support team. We are here to answer any questions and would love to hear from you.

How does Ladder work?

We have streamlined a process that used to take weeks - sometimes months. When you come to Ladder, you are able to get a quick quote in seconds. When you are ready, you can apply online without having to visit with an agent. With Ladder, you can receive term life insurance coverage instantly upon application. Any next steps are personalized just for you. If we need more information about you via a (free) medical exam, we will send a medical professional right to you. You decide the time and place.

How do I know Ladder is trustworthy?

Ladder has partnered with Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, an A- rated company based on an analysis of financial position and operating performance by A.M. Best, an independent analyst of the insurance industry. You can be confident in the financial stability for claims to be paid.

Does Ladder recommend term life insurance or whole life insurance?

Ladder recommends term life insurance. It is a pure insurance product that gives you the best bang for your buck.
Ladder doesn’t offer whole life. Whole life policies are a bundled insurance/investment product. While it can sound attractive in a brochure (Keep your cash value! Dividends! Tax-advantaged! Never expires!), whole life policies are significantly more expensive than term. So, that cash value? You have paid dearly for it. Instead, if you invest that money yourself, you can earn higher returns (dividends, interest, and appreciation)—all with complete access to your own savings the whole time.
In short, Ladder recommends getting insurance when you need insurance. Not forking over your investment business, too.

What is the right amount of insurance for me?

If you’re a young billionaire, you probably don’t need life insurance. For the rest of us, life insurance helps your family financially in the unlikely event something happens to you. You’ll want a policy large enough to cover living expenses for your beneficiaries, as well as pay off any mortgage balance and other debts. Also, you’ll want to take into account other large expenses on the horizon, such as college tuition for any children. And, of course, the larger your savings balance, the less insurance you’ll need. Check out our Calculator as you assess your situation.
Remember, with Ladder you don’t need to over-insure. You can always layer in more policies over time. For example, if you have one child now but fancy yourself the next Family Von Trapp, you don’t need today’s policy to cover college tuitions for 7 children. Get today what you need today. We’ll be here to help, if you’d like more later.

What length term is best for me?

Some factors to consider when determining the term length for your policy:
Think about the big ticket items you want your policy to cover, things like a mortgage. It makes sense for your policy to last through the length of the mortgage term.
Consider your personal savings rate. If you are someone who saves aggressively each month, you won’t need insurance for as long a term. You’ll have a pile of your own cash instead.
Also, the price of your insurance will figure into your decision. Longer terms are a bit pricier per month than shorter terms—that’s because you’re locking in that low rate for a longer time. That said, sometimes you just can’t afford a lengthier term. That’s ok. Do what you can now, and you can always layer in additional policies as you are able.

I have life insurance through my job. Isn’t that enough?

Good question. If you plan to stay at your current job until you retire, life insurance through your employer might be enough. But remember, a policy through Ladder is completely portable. Changing jobs? You’re covered. That sabbatical? Covered. Fired? Still covered. Of course. No matter where life takes you, Ladder has you covered. Check out the Ladder Calculator to see how much insurance you might need.

I’m young and healthy. Why do I need to think about life insurance?

Because it’s much cheaper to start as soon as possible. You can lock-in low, flat premiums now, which last for the entire term of your policy. A healthy 45-year-old’s price can be triple what a healthy 25-year-old would lock-in. When the math just makes sense.

Who can use Ladder?

Ladder offers coverage for U.S. citizens (or permanent residents who have been here more than 2 years) who are between the ages of 20 and 60 at the time of application.
Ladder is right for people who get stuff done. Want to sort out your life insurance needs and then go live life? Ladder is for you.