Life Insurance Isn't Spooky

Why Life Insurance Isn’t Spooky

It’s the time of year when ghouls and goblins abound and scary specters seem to hide behind every corner. Some people love the thrills and chills of being scared. But others prefer the warmer and fuzzier family elements of the season.  You know, things like cute halloween costumes for kids and pets, pumpkin spice everything and jack o’ lantern carving.  

Similarly, when it comes to life insurance, some prefer to think about this financial investment as planning for their “worst case scenario”, while others look at it as a way to ensure their family is set up for success so they can live a full life, free from worry.

Here at Ladder, our goal is to make getting life insurance a positive experience.  We want to make the process easy for our customers, so they can experience a feeling of financial security or peace of mind as they check life insurance off their to-do lists.  

Figuring out life insurance used to be scary, because the process involved so much paperwork and agent upselling, and took so much time.  At Ladder, we built life insurance around what customers want (not around maximizing commission incentives for insurance agents) and our online process is only three steps:

3 Easy Steps

So in just five to ten minutes, you can get basic term life insurance squared away online and feel proud, knowing that your family’s future is taken care of, no matter what.  There’s nothing spooky about that.  You’ve shown the specters of “what if”, who’s boss and can focus on what brings you joy.

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