Ladder logo over New York skyline

Today’s the day: Ladder launches in New York, now serving families in all 50 states

by Jamie Hale, Co-Founder and CEO @ Ladder

Everything seems to move faster in New York, except for life insurance. While the rest of the US has enjoyed digital access to term life insurance for some time, it still took New Yorkers 6-8 painful weeks to get covered through the traditional process — until now.

We are thrilled to announce that Ladder has launched in the state of New York. This marks the completion of our nation-wide rollout and many (many) hours of cross-functional work, galvanized by our mission to provide 50M underinsured US families with the coverage they need.

For us, it’s personal. We know first hand how life insurance can change a life, because it changed mine. The policy my father bought out of love for his family gave me the financial resilience to go to college and launch my career… which started in New York. Today feels like coming full-circle, in a way, and I couldn’t be prouder of the Ladder team and mission. 

So start spreading the news! New Yorkers are now able to apply for Ladder online, and, if eligible, get covered instantly. Our record for getting a customer fully covered from start to finish is 4 minutes — 10,000 times faster than the traditional broker-and-paper process. New York customers can also benefit from Ladder’s Flexible Coverage, which allows users to control their coverage and save over time (for example, to reduce their policy as they pay off their mortgage). 

It took hard work to launch in New York, but hard work is what we do. From day one we took the route of re-building the full life insurance stack (from acquisition to underwriting to administration). It’s under the banner of this pioneering spirit that we launch in the Empire State today — and that we’ll continue to relentlessly innovate for families everywhere.