Life insurance– the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

Life insurance– the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

Through thick and thin, good times and bad, you and your partner face life as a team. So when it comes to life insurance, why keep coverage to yourself? We know it’s not a hot air balloon ride, but nudging your partner to apply sings a tune of real romance: that everyday, roll up your sleeves, in-it-together kind of love.

Money can’t buy you love, but…

…Love can alter how you construct your financial life”, our CEO Jamie Hale once said. As unromantic as life insurance may seem, it helps to ensure your loved ones will have financial support. You may not want to think about that worst case scenario on Valentine’s Day, but getting life insurance could keep the unexpected from derailing the future plans of your loved ones. So if you’re with someone and one (or both) of you aren’t covered, it is definitely something to consider as you build your future together.

Two is better than one

A study by LIMRA found that 35% of households would feel the impact within a month if the primary breadwinner died. While it is easy to understand that enough coverage is needed to replace the primary wage earner’s income, it is less obvious to insure the primary caregiver to cover his or her responsibilities. Think cook, babysitter, driver, cleaner, household manager, and so on. The economic value each partner provides to a household keeps everything in harmony. One way to ensure your family is set up for financial stability is for both partners to have a policy.

Love is the reason we started Ladder

Our CEO Jamie Hale’s father died when he was 11. And his father’s life insurance policy allowed Jamie and his family to stay in their home, be close to their friends during a tough time, and enable Jamie and his brother to go to college. At a very young age, Jamie realized the importance of life insurance because it enabled his father to provide a home and an education, even though he wasn’t there himself. It is because of this story that Ladder is so focused on helping people protect those they love and fuel the resilience of 50M underinsured American families and their communities.

Ready to get covered?

Step one is to figure out how much life insurance coverage you actually need. It only takes a few minutes with Ladder, and you’ll likely be surprised at just how affordable it can be. The easiest way to do this is with our online calculator. Once you know how much coverage you need, you can apply in minutes and get an instant decision.