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Life Insurance is Exciting. I Can Prove it.

You hear the words "life insurance" and you think…boring. And you'd be well within your right to think so. Traditionally, life insurance conjures up images of endless appointments, mountains of paperwork, and the inevitable: ...
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Life Insurance: The Perfect Partner for P&C Insurance

Our mission at Ladder is to make life insurance simple, easy, and affordable for all. We intentionally partner with trusted consumer brands to enable a seamless digital term life insurance experience.  By leveraging our ...
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Banks: Where Consumers Want to Buy Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most dynamic financial categories, with an estimated industry value of  $766 billion. As digital life insurance becomes even more relevant thanks to sophisticated underwriting and forward-thinking strategy, the ...
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Why You Need to Build Sustainability Into Your Business Strategy

Terms like "sustainability," "ESG," and "socially conscious" have become quite the corporate buzzwords. However, if you're tempted to simply check the box, think again. A sincere commitment to sustainability can pay off in a myriad of ...
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Life Insurance Partnerships: A Silver Bullet for Financial Services Platforms’ Non-interest Income Needs

The importance of non-interest income for banks continues to grow: non-interest income comprises over 40% of US bank revenues today and has grown at a much faster pace than net-interest income in recent years. ...
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The Time for Digital Life Insurance is Now

My journey with life insurance began over 30 years ago as a personal story. My dad passed away when I was 11. He had a simple life insurance policy, which allowed my family to ...
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What You Need to Know about Insurtech 2.0

Like many legacy markets poised for change, the insurance industry has already undergone its first wave of innovation. Equivalent in many ways to the initial novelty of opening a bank account online, Insurtech 1.0 ...
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The Power of Appointment

One of our biggest learnings from building Ladder is how contextual life insurance purchases are. These decisions are often driven by major life milestones: getting married, having a child, or buying a home.  Ladder ...
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To Win Insurtech 2.0, Focus on Underwriting Before Growth

Like many legacy markets poised for change, the insurance industry has already seen its first wave of innovation. Similar in many ways to the initial novelty of opening a bank account online, insurtech 1.0 brought ...
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4 Key Traits to Look For As Embedded Insurtech Rises

On track to reach $5.4billion this year, the insurtech industry is expected to expand north of $152billion over the next 8 years. An increasing number of companies across banking, lending, financial planning, benefits, and ...
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Bringing the A-Game

Growing up as a marketer, my dream was to one day have the privilege to run an ad in the Big Game (the One Who Shall Not Be Named for trademarking reasons). For decades ...
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Hacking a Billion-Dollar Budget With a Startup’s Creativity

Every year, the top three spenders in insurance pour more than $5.5 billion into advertising alone. That's more than the GDP of the Maldives, or twice Oprah's net worth, or half of what it ...
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