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To Win Insurtech 2.0, Focus on Underwriting Before Growth

Like many legacy markets poised for change, the insurance industry has already seen its first wave of innovation. Similar in many ways to the initial novelty of opening a bank account online, insurtech 1.0 brought ...
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4 Key Traits to Look For As Embedded Insurtech Rises

On track to reach $5.4billion this year, the insurtech industry is expected to expand north of $152billion over the next 8 years. An increasing number of companies across banking, lending, financial planning, benefits, and ...
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Bringing the A-Game

Growing up as a marketer, my dream was to one day have the privilege to run an ad in the Big Game (the One Who Shall Not Be Named for trademarking reasons). For decades ...
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2021 Survey: American Women and Insurance

As a historic International Women's Month comes to a close - one that marks a year since COVID-19 was declared an international pandemic - and we look ahead to Financial Literacy Month next week, ...
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