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Life insurance coverage and marijuana usage

Pot, weed, marijuana, cannabis, THC, dope, grass-whatever you want to call it, the attitude in America has shifted regarding marijuana over the last few decades. (Fun fact: every U.S. state has introduced legislation to ...
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What is a beneficiary?

Life insurance is a way to leave money to your loved ones should you pass away. We call it putting your love into action because applying to provide financially for those you care about ...
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What happens if you lie on a life insurance application?

Sometimes, lies are warranted: a little white lie might save you from hurting your friend's feelings or get you out of being the room parent, with no one the wiser. But there are times ...
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Term life insurance and smokers: what you need to know

People apply for life insurance when they have kids, buy a house, get married, or have people who rely on them financially, and some of these people smoke. If you smoke, you know you ...
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I just started my first job. Is life insurance necessary?

For many new graduates entering the workforce, purchasing life insurance is important to consider. Getting basic life insurance can be a smart financial move for new graduates as they start their post-graduation journey. If ...
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Life insurance and mortgages: what to know

Save for getting married or having kids, there are few commitments you can make that are as big as a mortgage. Nothing says "adult" quite like signing up for a 30-year loan. There's the ...
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Where to keep life insurance policy documents

Life insurance can be one of the most important financial decisions you make to offer your family security should anything happen to you, whether aging parents, young kids or anyone else who depends on ...
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Can I get life insurance for someone else?

Making the decision to apply for life insurance is one step closer to financially breathing easy in the event of your unexpected death. It's a layer of protection and a selfless gift to your ...
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How to decrease your term life insurance through laddering

Crossing "getting life insurance coverage" off your to-do list is a huge accomplishment, and one that will stay crossed off for the length of your term, be it 10, 20, or 30 years, so ...
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Facts about group life insurance through work

You might have been offered life insurance through an employer, which is fantastic-employer-sponsored life insurance isn't always a guarantee as a benefit. But, there are a few things to know about this type of ...
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What small business owners need to know about life insurance

One part of the American dream? Having your own business. With 32.5 million small businesses overall-accounting for 99.9% of all businesses in the U.S.-small business owners are a collective force to be reckoned with.  ...
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Why you’re suddenly seeing infinite banking everywhere

Financial advice is trending, with the TikTok hashtag #fintok accumulating 1.5 billion views alone. Chances are a video promoting "infinite banking" might have caught your eye, hailing it as "the secret of the rich" ...
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When to apply for life insurance

Life milestones, such as having a baby or buying your first home, can often be a good reminder time to check in with personal finances to ensure that everything is running according to plan. ...
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Pregnancy and life insurance: what you need to know

Having a baby is an exciting time, filled with all sorts of fun items to help you prepare: painting the nursery, picking a name, and figuring out how to install the car seat. One ...
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8 myths about life insurance, debunked

Life insurance: right up there on the list next to reorganizing the pantry. It's one of those things you've probably said you know you need to get but it keeps getting pushed to the ...
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Stay-at-home moms and dads need life insurance, too

It's a truth universally acknowledged that stay-at-home parents work hard- it's a full-time job with long hours and no pay, and your bosses can sometimes be outrageous (hello, toddler parents we see you!). In ...
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Life insurance and dads: How much coverage they really need

Life Insurance is high on the list of priorities for dads. That's because there are few things, if any, more important to dads than the security of their families. So as a father or ...
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How does life insurance work?

You may have thought about what will happen to your loved ones financially if you pass away. If you're married, you may have even joked to your spouse about offing each other for the ...
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A financial checklist for newlyweds

It's officially wedding season! As the US continues to open back up, it seems that everywhere you look someone is getting married, with a double whammy of postponed nuptials and regularly scheduled 2022 events ...
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