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8 Myths about Life Insurance, Debunked

Life insurance: right up there on the list next to reorganizing the pantry. It's one of those things you've probably said you know you need to get but it keeps getting pushed to the ...
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Why Stay-at-Home Parents Need Life Insurance, Too

It's a truth universally acknowledged that stay-at-home parents work hard- it's a full-time job with long hours and no pay, and your bosses can sometimes be outrageous (hello, toddler parents we see you!). In ...
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How Much Life Insurance Do Dads Need? Breaking Down the Common Question

Life Insurance is high on the list of priorities for dads. That's because there are few things, if any, more important to dads than the security of their families. So as a father or ...
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How Life Insurance Works

If you're like most American adults, chances are high that you've heard of life insurance and know that it's something you need. But what is it exactly, and how does life insurance work? Life ...
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The Newlyweds’ Guide to Life Insurance

It's officially wedding season! As the US continues to open back up, it seems that everywhere you look someone is getting married, with a double whammy of postponed nuptials and regularly scheduled 2022 events ...
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When Should I Buy Life Insurance?

Getting term life insurance is simple enough: plug in some numbers, decide how much coverage you need, and you're on your way. The timing, though, is a little trickier. Getting a life insurance policy ...
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Why Getting a Mortgage Means It’s Time for Life Insurance, Too

Save for getting married or having kids, there are few commitments you can make that are as big as a mortgage. Nothing says "adult" quite like signing up for a 30-year loan. There's the ...
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