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Live longer: are naps good or bad for you?

For some, taking a nap is one of life's greatest pleasures. It can refresh you, reset your mind, or offer a kickstart to your energy level, especially if like one in three Americans you ...
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Once and for all, is coffee good or bad for you?

Is there anything like that first sip of coffee in the morning? For the 66% of Americans who drink coffee, the answer is no. While caffeine in general often gets a bad rap, a ...
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Is drinking alcohol good or bad for you?

There have been so many studies about alcohol over the years that have become commonplace in our collective mind: Drinking red wine could help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, for example.   But ...
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How pets affect your longevity

If you've ever wondered if pet ownership is good for your health, it's true-and science can prove it. (As if you needed one more reason to get that puppy or kitten.) Owning a pet ...
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Want to live longer? Get outside.

Imagine going to the doctor and being told you were at a high risk of stroke, high blood pressure, or asthma. Now picture your doctor prescribing spending time in nature to cure it.  It ...
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How knowing your enneagram personality type could help you live longer

It's actually been scientifically proven that healthy relationships-whether with a partner, family member or coworker-can help you live longer. It's our social connections, not wealth or fame, that can impact our longevity. (Unfortunately, digital ...
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How to wake up early (and live longer!)

With all that's going on in the world and in your daily life, from parenting to working to managing your finances, it can seem like reaching the recommended seven hours of sleep is never ...
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How to take a sabbatical leave from your job

Chances are, you've said at least once to yourself in the last year that you really need a break. You've probably thought about all the things you could get done while away from work, ...
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Happy Valentine’s Day! Say it with Ladder.

Is life insurance the most romantic gift of all? We certainly think so. It isn't always easy to express how much you care. So this year, don't say it with flowers, say it with ...
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How To Design a Strong Financial Wellbeing Program & What to Look for as an Employee

The world of benefits is in many ways like a house. There's the decor and shiny objects that most people think about when they envision their home, and then there's the solid foundation that ...
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Life Insurance: The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

Through thick and thin, good times and bad, you and your partner face life as a team. So when it comes to life insurance, why keep coverage to yourself? We know it's not a ...
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Why Financial Wellness Should Be Part of Your 2020 Health Goals

When 2020 rang in, a whopping 51% of Americans took the resolution to eat healthier and 50% vowed to be more active. Alongside these traditional health goals, another resolution topped the charts: half of the ...
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