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The Ultimate Practical Gift Guide for Young Families

12/01/2019 • Exhale Parent

Looking for a really practical gift guaranteed to give you peace of mind? We got you covered. While the holidays are traditionally a season of spending, January often feels especially stressful for families tight on cash. Swap out a traditional gift with something from the list below, and we can guarantee a little more peace in the New Year.
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Ladder Insurance Review – Will You Really Love It?

11/22/2019 • Mapene

Years ago, getting life insurance was a long process and a big pain in the butt. You had to fill out a long application followed by a call with a life insurance agent. That agent would then help you decide which policy was right for you, which likely included upsells to more expensive products and higher-margin policies. Then you’d have to take a medical exam.
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Top 5 InsurTech Companies Disrupting the Insurance Industry

11/11/2019 • ForMotiv

Top InsurTech companies disrupting the insurance market all have one thing in common and that is their use of machine learning and behavioral intelligence.
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Ladder: Closing the Insurance Coverage Gap for a Better Life

11/01/2019 • Insurance CIO Outlook

Check out this recent interview with Jamie Hale, Co-Founder & CEO, Ladder speaks about Closing the Insurance Coverage Gap for a Better Life.
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How Losing His Father Started His Mission

10/22/2019 • Baby Box Co.

“I was sad, so I cried a lot, right? Then you get picked on because you’re crying,” shared Jamie, recalling what a day in the life of his pre-teen self was like. “So then you realize, ‘I’ve got to be tough’ but you don’t really don’t know what tough is… because you don’t have a dad to walk you through it.”
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Can Buying Life Insurance be Instant, Simple, and Smart?

10/22/2019 • Blue Dun

Life insurance plays a critical role in many financial plans, but we are in the midst of a decades-long decline in life insurance ownership in the U.S. Many carriers consider agents to be their primary customers, not the people who pay the premiums. The insurance product most people need to protect against the risk of dying too young is a term life policy, but unfortunately prospective term life buyers don’t always attract attention from agents.
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Bank On It Podcast (Episode 255): Jamie Hale from Ladder

09/24/2019 • Bank On It

Every week I talk with impressive fintech leaders and entrepreneurs, through conversation uncover the remarkable stories behind them, their creations and the most important topics in fintech. In this episode I chat with Jamie Hale, co-founder and CEO of Ladder.
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Here Are the Winners of the 2019 Real Simple Smart Money Awards

08/14/2019 • Real Simple

Apps! Artificial intelligence! Real-time algorithms! Robo-advisers! We’re living in the golden age of financial innovations—but all the options can be difficult to sort through. Thanks to our panel of all-star experts, you don’t have to. They’ve helped us find the the best new financial tools—hands down—so you can make the most of your money.
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Ladder Life Review: A Rapid Approval Term Life Insurance Option

05/08/2019 • Next Gen Insurance

You’ve come to the right place for a Ladder and the life insurance they provide. We cover the pros and cons so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Let’s get started.
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Insurance Expert Q&A with Ladder CEO and founder, Jamie Hale

05/01/2019 • Value Penguin

Life insurance can play a major role in the legacy of the policyholder. For Jamie Hale, it was personal. He learned firsthand how life insurance could change lives when his father passed away when he was 11. The basic policy his father had in place gave Hale’s family financial stability during an emotionally difficult time, ensuring they could stay in their community and he could attend college and graduate school.
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One of the World’s Largest Insurance Companies Is Stepping Up Its Venture Investing

05/18/2018 • Bloomberg

Allianz Life Insurance set up its venture arm two years ago, as more new startups using breakthrough technology promised to one day transform its industry. Now, after a slow initial period, the insurance giant’s VC investments are picking up steam. Allianz has invested in six startups so far, half of them in 2018 alone, and all of them promising to upend the business it’s been in for more than a century.
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Nearly 40% of adults don’t have life insurance — these startups are trying to change that

07/23/2017 • MarketWatch

Startups including LadderHaven Life and SoFi now offer products for people who are looking to buy insurance as they would any other products they’d buy online, Danise said. All three companies are backed by major insurers: Ladder partners with Fidelity Security Life Insurance, Haven with Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance (MassMutual) and SoFi with Protective Life.
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4 Life Insurance Startups Asking Millennials To Face Their Mortality

07/21/2017 • Fast Company

Nineteen million Americans are interested in buying life insurance, but have gotten stuck somewhere in the process. Clunky forms, fine-print PDFs, inconvenient medical exams, seemingly high costs—the list of headaches is long and frustrating. Perhaps as a result, the individual life insurance market has been roughly flat in the U.S. for over a decade, with total premiums landing around $120 billion each year, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. A batch of young companies wants to take a bite out of that market, and potentially grow it. 
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New insurtech Ladder is digitizing life insurance

01/11/2017 • Business Insider

The US insurtech sector has grown far more quickly than its UK and European counterparts, mostly due to the size of its insurance market and its high costs. Now, another US insurtech is stepping in to make one of the most expensive forms of insurance more accessible, according to press releases seen by and interviews conducted by BI Intelligence.
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Update: Life insurance startup Ladder launches in California

01/10/2017 • TechCrunch

Ladder, the new life insurance startup looking to bring policy enrollment as easy as picking up a mobile phone, has launched in its first market — California. That’s right, citizens of the “Eureka” state are now able to select a life insurance policy right on their phones or their computers.
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Hannover Re US and Ladder Join Forces, Using Innovative Technology to Close the $16 Trillon Life Insurance Gap

10/25/2016 • MarketWatch

Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America (“Hannover Re US”), a member of the third largest reinsurance group in the world, and Ladder, the smart, modern way to insure your life, today announced a joint partnership that will couple Ladder’s technology-driven, smart life insurance offering with Hannover Re’s risk management and automated underwriting solutions.
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Venture Capital Prowls into the Life-Insurance Business

10/09/2016 • Wall Street Journal

An early investor in the online-lending boom has turned its sights to life insurance. Ladder Financial Inc., a Silicon Valley startup that offers term-life-insurance policies for California residents, said Wednesday it raised $14 million in a new fundraising round led by Canaan Partners.
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