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Getting a policy was a piece of cake. I did it all on my iPad. Ladder is legitimately revolutionizing the industry.
Hugh L.
Cardiff, CA
It was kind of crazy because I felt like, all of a sudden, even though I’ve just barely been thinking about it, a weight was taken off.
Alyssa D.
Sagle, ID
The process was seamless, easy and very intuitive. As someone who travels a good amount for work and has a busy life, not having to schedule and deal with medical examines and to have immediate coverage through a highly rated company is the best.
Joshua S.
Philadelphia, PA
The process for you guys was half the time of the competition… I was insured through you guys before they finished underwriting me.
Derick D.
Charlottesville, VA
I'm a true believer in your service now. My husband and I finished the whole process and it has lifted a weight off my shoulders that I didn't even realize was there. I definitely shopped around before going with you guys and working with Ladder was so easy.
Erica G.
Santa Monica, CA
So easy. Every other place made it difficult and called all the time. I just wanted to pay for the services provided.
Ben L.
Dillion, CO
Ladder has given me the confidence to know that if there’s an accident, my daughter and wife will still be okay, that I’ve done everything I can.
Joseph O.
Sausalito, CA
You guys made the process so simple. I can't believe no one has made it this easy before. I already told people at my office about it.
Daniel W.
Conroe, TX

We get it, you're busy.

If you qualify we'll cover you instantly, end of story. No sales calls, no waiting period, no shenanigans.
Complete our quick application
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Our prices are super affordable — and straightforward.

We don’t have commissioned sales agents. We have smart algorithms that work in real time to give you the best price we can.
We don't charge fees (unfortunately most companies still do).
You can cancel anytime.
If you cancel within 30 days, you’ll even get a full refund.
Our prices start at $35 a month.
Your financial obligations may change when your children graduate from college or after you have paid off your mortgage.

Our coverage fits you like a glove.

Kids, mortgages, careers… your coverage needs will change over time. No sweat, we keep up.
Lock in your best rate today, adjust it tomorrow.
Decrease your coverage (and price!) as often as you need.
Apply for more coverage in a few clicks.

Why People Love Ladder.

Stellar prices.
Life insurance can and should be affordable. Ladder is committed to giving you a great value.
No brokers, no upselling.
Ladder insurance professionals are licensed and salaried only. Here to help, not sell.
Policies are issued by Fidelity Security Life Insurance and in New York by Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York.
Cancel anytime.
You may cancel your policy whenever you want to, for any reason. No questions asked.
Price lock guarantee.
With Ladder, your price is locked in. It does not increase if your health changes or as you age.
Term life insurance.
Ladder offers fully underwritten term because it is cost-effective and financially savvy. It’s what we have ourselves.
No policy fees.
We never charge policy fees. Period. We’re building life insurance the way it should be, and no one needs fees.
Get what you need today. Anytime, apply for more, or decrease without fees or hassle.
Money back guarantee.
If you’re not happy, we will refund your money within the first 30 days. No muss, no fuss.

Built To Last.

We're here to help you navigate life insurance. Whether you are just starting to think about coverage or you are a long-time happy customer, we plan to be here for you far into the future. Ladder has partnered with Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company to issue LadderLife™️ policies and Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York to issue policies in New York.

Ask Us Anything.

Our customer service specialists are here to help, not to sell. They are licensed agents who can help you figure out what you need. They don’t get paid commissions. Our goal is to help you get comfortable with life insurance and get your people covered.