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Here at Ladder, little acts of love inspire us. Making coffee for your partner. Tying your child's shoes. Pinning art to the fridge.
We know it's not always easy. That's why we've created a painless way to get the life insurance coverage you need for those you care about most.

Why we do what we do

At age 11 our CEO, Jamie, lost his dad and learned firsthand how life insurance can keep a family afloat during difficult times. Now, he's on a mission to help others set their families up for success the way his father did for him.

How we do it

Revolutionizing an age-old industry takes focus, and at Ladder we focus on three things — all because we value our customers' time and money.


Our real-time underwriting may lead to on-the-spot coverage.


No need to leave home — we take care of everything right here, online.


Hooray for coverage that doesn't break the bank. Plus, no hidden fees.

Our leaders

Jamie's bio

Jamie Hale

Sanjeev's bio

Sanjeev Kapur

Al's bio

Al Yau

Chief Financial Officer
Tasha's bio

Tasha Cupp

General Counsel
Jeff's bio

Jeff Merkel

Chief Business Development Officer
Laura's bio

Laura Hale

Chief Product Officer
Shibani's bio

Shibani Sanan

Chief Technology Officer
Cara's bio

Cara St. Martin

Chief Compliance Officer
Liam's bio

Liam Monaghan

Chief Actuary

Grow with us

Modernizing life insurance is a complex challenge, one that attracts radical thinkers, deep feelers, and go-getters who are committed to helping people help their families. Sound like you?
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