gives you the power to change your coverage

What is Laddering?
Laddering is a tool that lets you adjust your coverage, up or down, whenever. People say it sets us apart—and they love how, with Ladder, their coverage can match their needs. Use it often or not at all, it’s entirely up to you.
Some opportunities to “Ladder down”
The upside of “Laddering down”
Your monthly payment lowers, which could lead to substantial savings over time
You don't pay for more coverage than you actually need
It's fast and easy to do
total savings
Based on a 28-year-old female in good health. Preferred plus. Prices vary. Not all prices will be reduced proportionally.

Total savings over 0 years
Let's see if you're instantly approved for in coverage at a -year term.
See how much you could save by Laddering down* once a year
Monthly premium
*Savings in premium compared with the same client maintaining their full coverage amount for the policy term. Savings attained by decreasing coverage to the next available lower face value every subsequent year from policy issue date. Prices valid as of February 18, 2021.
The upside of “Laddering up”
It’s easy to apply for more coverage
It’s fast—we autofill as much of your info as possible
Answers to a few good questions
As often as you’d like! There’s no limit to how many times you can Ladder down or Ladder up by applying for more coverage.
The process of Laddering is completely free. One thing to note: if you do apply for more coverage by “Laddering up,” your monthly premium will increase to account for your additional coverage.
Yes! We’re the only ones in the term life insurance space giving you this kind of control over your own coverage.
Ready to get started?
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